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Medical grade cosmetic procedures, experience and results available at new MediSpa

By Laurie Gordon
A MediSpa has come to Sussex County, which means medical grade cosmetic procedures, experience and results are now available right here at reasonable prices.

Owner Laura Rinaolo decided to re-brand her business into a MediSpa plus salon to offer services and equipment that aren’t available elsewhere in this area. She said her impetus to transform into a MediSpa was a logical progression.

“It seems every salon is now also calling themselves a spa, and we needed to both differentiate and educate the public. We now offer medical grade, results-driven procedures other spas could not do, and we wanted to expand on that.”

Thus, Bella MediSpa & Salon was born, rolling out its new medical grade procedures last week.

“MediSpa, by definition, is a cosmetic medical facility in a spa setting that offers services such as injections, dermaplaning, medical grade microderm and peels and even more special at Bella MediSpa & Salon, an aesthetic device called Viora Reaction,” Rinaolo said. “The relationship with our Medical Director, Dr. Mokhtar Asaadi, allows us to bring in many services not permitted by law in a standard salon. Estheticians perform these same services in a doctor’s office as they do at Bella. Our Estheticians are not only certified on each procedure, and Margarita Montes De Oca and Bernice Savva have a combined experience of 40 years.”

“Laura is truly a leading pioneer in Sussex County,” Dr. Asaadi said, “As the owner and creative director of Bella MediSpa, she is always staying afloat and educated with the latest cosmetic and beauty trends, seeking the best professionals for each service that Bella MediSpa offers. I applaud her efforts in creating a safe and beautiful facility that offers state of the art medical aesthetic treatments.”

Viora Reaction

Say goodbye to cellulite and excess sagging on your body, face and neck and say hello to a state-of-the art machine and processes called Viora Reaction — one of the most innovative beauty boosters. As one ages, the ability to produce collagen slows resulting in wrinkles and sagging skin. The Viora Reaction stimulates collagen production so that you can attain some of the youth lost to aging.

“This is a minimally to non-invasive, all-in-one solution for the most popular medical aesthetic procedures.” Rinaolo said. It is a bi-polar multi-radio-frequency technology device that offers quick and safe treatments for various conditions, no down time and optimal clinical results. Services include skin tightening, cellulite reduction, skin laxity and de-volumizing by stimulating your own body to produce and replace the collagen it has lost.

“Our clients call it a time machine because the youth enhancing results are absolutely amazing and equally important, totally natural looking, Rinaolo said.

Dr. Asaadi added, “Viora Reaction is a cutting edge radio frequency treatment. It’s a non-invasive in office procedure that is painless, doesn’t require any downtime and yields fantastic results, especially for facial contouring and skin tightening.”

As far as landing on this machine and the collagen-boosting effects it facilitates, Rinaolo said, “Anyone who knows me knows this: I’m a researcher to a ridiculous degree on any product or service before bringing it in. It has to deliver results. This is also exactly why we don’t carry a full product line of anything. If it’s on our shelf you know we stand behind it.”

Rinaolo spent over a year researching companies, visiting manufacturers, reviewing in-depth studies and looking at her spa’s own results. Viora has 116 applications, which is imperative to getting the maximum result based upon the skin type, skin issue and age of the patient.

“The results exceeded my high expectations,” she said. Her staff underwent the maximum amount of training and clinical practice to ensure optimal precision when administering the various cellulite reducing and skin tightening procedures.

Viora addresses cellulite, fine lines and wrinkles, circumferential reduction and skin tightening. Body contouring and skin tightening treatments take 45 minutes to an hour. No side effects are involved, other than “Looking great and having improved confidence,” Rinaolo said. Six treatments (one every two weeks) are done for the face and neck, and 10 once a week are done for the body. It is sold as a package not a single treatment as to obtain the desired result, it must be done in a series.

Bella MediSpa & Salon offers complimentary consultations, and Dr. Asaadi is available once-a-month to do Botox and fillers.

To schedule a Viora Reaction consultation or other medical-grade or salon service, call 973-579-7709. Bella MediSpa & Salon is located at 277 Newton-Sparta Road on the boarder of Newton and Sparta.

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