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Skin Transformation for the Face and Body Without Needles or Micro-Injury

A First-of-its-Kind Skin Infusion Treatment

Smooth, tone brighten, and hydrate with this one-of-a kind, non-invasive face and body infusion treatment. Dermafuse with infusion serums provides a needle-free method for superior delivery of all-natural, high-quality topicals.


Treatment Options

DermaFuse® is the first and only energy-based system powered by Viora’s proprietary IonFuse™ Technology. DermaFuse® nutrient-rich Infusion Serums work with your skin to safely infuse topicals for optimal and immediate results within 15 minutes. Serum compounds address the most popular skin concerns, and results are immediate and phenomenal.



Technology Infused with Innovation

DermaFuse®’s proprietary IonFuse™ Technology has been designed to work with the skin’s natural biology to structurally transform the lipid bilayer via low-level electrical currents, forming micro-channels in the skin. Micro-channels allow for the safe infusion of Viora’s natural, rejuvenating serums. Due to their small size, the micro-channels are short-lived, resealing rapidly after treatment, and leaving behind nothing but healthy, beautiful and youthful-looking skin.



VIORA’S DermaFuse Serums

Viora’s all-natural Infusion Serums are created with the purest high-quality ingredients to maximize skin’s penetration while ensuring a safe and effective treatment. Each formula is a blend of special serums, proteins, and healing agents designed to work synergetically with DermaFuse® for optimum penetration, infusion, and skin cell absorption.



  • Restorative Serums (recommended every 7-10 days):
    Intensive Hydration™ – rehydrate and replenish skin. Great for dry and sensitive skin and for regular healthy skin maintenance.
    Collagen Booster™ – tighten, restore, and revive your skin’s elasticity.
  • Corrective Serums (Recommended every 7-10 days):
    Bright™ – improve skin’s tone, brightness and complexion
    Smooth™ – balances oily skin and treats active acne
    LipoElim™ – body contouring and cellulite reduction

Your Questions Answered

What is the DermaFuse® device?

DermaFuse® is the only skin infusion device to use low-level electrical currents instead of micro-injury to enhance penetration of nutrients to the epidermal and dermal skin layers for effective skin transformation.

How does DermaFuse® deliver nutrients into the skin?

Powered by one-of-a-kind IonFuse Technology, DermaFuse® works with skin’s natural biological process, mimicking the body’s natural current, to open micro channels that allow safe passage of molecules to the skin without damaging the skin.‍

Can DermaFuse® be combined with other treatments?

Yes and highly recommended! Due to its gentle electro-wave pulses, DermaFuse® is an ideal complement to virtually all aesthetic procedures, including Viora’s IPL, Viora ST, Hydrafacial Syndeo, Vivace and before injections.  It gives a noticeable hyaluronic boost to the longevity of facial fillers.  If your fillers are starting to dissipate it brings them right back to life.  In addition, you can layer them i.e. Collagen Booster and Bright.

What areas can be treated?

DermaFuse® is the ideal treatment for all skin types and nearly all areas of the body, including the face, neck, chest, arms, stomach and legs.‍

Are treatments safe?

DermaFuse® treatments are safe, comfortable, painless, non-invasive, needle free, and require no downtime.

How long do treatments take?  How many will I need?
DermaFuse® treatments are quick – lasting about 30-45 minutes depending on desired treatment area size. Treatments are done every 7-10 days in a series of 3-6 depending on your goal.  However, both the Intensive Hydration and Collagen Booster can be a one and done for a special event.
What is the cost?
Single Session: $185
  • 3 Pack – $450
  • 6 Pack – $750
  • As add on to IPL, Hydrafacial, Custom Facial or Vivace – $100
  • 2 Ampules for larger areas or layered – $100 Add On

How soon can I resume my daily activities?

You may resume your regular routine immediately following a treatment.

When will I see my results?

Because DermaFuse® is so gentle and non-invasive, you will see an immediate and rejuvenated glow following your treatment, along with continued improvement over the following weeks and with a regular maintenance regimen.

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