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Electrolysis hair removal is the only method approved by the FDA for permanent hair removal. Electrolysis is the removal of unwanted hair by means of short-wave electronic current that destroys the hair’s roots. Hair grows in different stages: Growing, resting and shedding. Because all the hair isn’t on the same stage at any given time, multiple sessions are needed to get the hair in the growth phase for electrolysis hair removal to be most effective ā€” just like laser hair removal.

Just like laser hair removal only permanent.

Service Price
15 Minutes $45
30 Minutes $80
45 minutes $100
60 Minutes $120
4-15 Minute Package $145

Our Electrologist Cheryl Dunn brings with her over 25 years doing Electrology.Ā  Paired with our state of the art system, you’ll be extremely pleased with the results.

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