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Vaginal Rejuvination

Vaginal Rejuvination

Are stretched and lax vulval tissue leading you to experience a loss of strength and tone in your tissue, as well as the surrounding muscles? Then Viora ReVive Treatments are for you!
Handle these problems without having to undergo expensive and painful surgery?

Whether a medical or cosmetic condition, you can avoid surgery and treat these skin troubles through quick non-intrusive solutions, with Viora ReVive treatments.

Treat your skin to ReVive
Viora ReVive treatments is your answer to vulval tissue conditions, offering the most up to date solution in the non-invasive treatment market.

Characterized as “lunch break” treatments – quick, painless, and affordable procedures – ReVive treatments require no downtime and will have you in and out of a session in less than an hour.

Suitable for all skin types and with no anesthesia required, Viora’s CORE technology provides non-intrusive treatments of the labia majora. The result is collagen remodeling, restoring the skin’s flexibility and thickening the dermis. Additionally, ReVive treatments protect the epidermal layer and ensure maximum comfort.

Features and Benefits:

• Clinically proven state of the art treatments
• Safe and painless, with no downtime
• Little to no recovery time
• Minimal risk of infection or scarring
• Extremely natural-looking results

Nutrafol and Olaplex both now at Bella.

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