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IV Vitamin Therapy


The “mother of all antioxidants” brightens the skin, decreases inflammation, detoxifies the liver and cells, anti-aging, strengthens the immune system, and improves mental focus and quality of sleep.

Shots – Three Month Supply $850 (Reg $900)

IV – Single $200 – Two $350 done two weeks apart

Myers IV

Boosts energy, fights chronic fatigue, improves memory, strengthens the immune system, reduces stress, helps seasonal allergies, promotes a healthier heart, alleviates migraines, hangover cure and enhances athletic performance. Contains B6-B12-B Complex-Vitamin C-Magnesium Chloride, Calcium Gluconate, Thiamine, Calcium Pantothenate

IV – Single $180 – Three $490 done monthly

Super Immune

Boosts immune system, energy and fatigue reducer. Great for teachers, flight attendants or an alternative to the flu shot. Contains: Vitamin C-B12-B Complex, Minerals, and Glutathione

IV – Single $175 – Two $300 done two weeks apart


Athlete’s Best Friend! Take your fitness to the next level and/or athletic recovery.  Contains: Ascorbic Acid-Vega Dose EAA-B12-Carnitine-B-Complex-Arginine-Trace Minerals-Mega Dose BCAA-Glutathione

IV – Single $150 as needed

Energy Plus

Increases energy, strengthens immune, increases gut health and improves mental clarity.  Contains: Vitamin C, BCAA, B12, Carnitine, B Complex, Arginine, Trace Minerals

IV Single $150 as needed

Fountain Of Youth

Increases energy, deeper sleep, brightens skin, reduces fatigue, detoxifier, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging. Contains: Vitamin C-B12-BCAA-Magnesium Sulfate-B Complex-Trace Minerals-Calcium Gluconate-Glycine-Glutathione

IV Single $150 as needed

Growth Hormone Stimulating Peptides


Slows the aging process, promotes faster weight loss, increases lean muscle mass, promotes healthy hair, skin and nails, improved sleep and collagen production.

Shots – One Month Supply (30 shots) $400

Nutrafol and Olaplex both now at Bella.

Nutrafol the first wellness supplement to receive a patent. Click here to order Nutrafol.

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